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McQuay Roof Mounted Air Conditioner. Model: RPS030BS. Nominal capacity: 30 tons. Heating type: Steam. ... 30 Ton. Actively Quoting. Roll over image to Zoom OR Click for full Gallery (images, video, data sheets) Back. ... Model: RPS0300BS; Serial Number: 3VB00606 19; Unit Nominal Tons (TR): 30;

Mcquay model number tonnage. Things To Know About Mcquay model number tonnage.

McQuay International offers a complete range of condensing units from 12 to 120 tons. (42 to 420 kW). This manual covers Model ALP 027C through ALP 041C condensing units …Part Number: 331374611 00 Effective: April 2012 Supersedes: February 2011 Magnitude™ Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers Model WMC-145SBS to 400DBS HFC-134a 50/60 Hertz . 2 Magnitude™ Frictionless Centrifugal Chillers - Model WMC IM 1029-2 ... ©2012 McQuay International. Illustrations and data cover the McQuay International product at ...Ruby: 972-777-6574. Jamey: 214-755-8019. [email protected]. Our Location. Our main service facility is located in Dallas, Texas. We ship anywhere in the United States, Mexico, Canada, South America and Internationally. Surplus Group. 2121 Santa Anna Ave. Suite 100.McQuay Air Cooled Chiller 130 Ton Model: ALR130BD Stock No. ACEU07 Serial No. 3NB0014312 . McQuay Air Cooled Chiller 130 Ton. Model ALR130BD. S/N 3NB0014312. Barrels were replaced in . 1993 with newer models. Model CDE1410, S/N 5YM0015300. ... Document Number: PM ALR2-4. Revision: Replaces: April 2001. PM ALR2-3

13, 15, 17.5, 20 and 25 Ton (46, 53, 62, 70 and 88 kW) LHA 15 and 20 Ton (53 and 70 kW) *ARI Certified Ratings LCA/LGA/LHA PACKAGED L ENGINEERING DATA (See Bulletin #210087 for LCA/LGA300H High Efficiency Unit Data) 156H, 180, 210, 240 and 300S MODELS 1999 Lennox Industries Inc.260 TON McQuay Centrifugal Water Chiller Model PEH063. Share via Email Print Listing. 260 TON McQuay Centrifugal Water Chiller Model PEH063. Request A Quote or Call (817) 563-2571. ... Stock Number: 21052: Material: Oilseed: Quantity: 1.0: Location: Fort Worth, TX: Contact Us. 4760 Freeman Drive Fort Worth, Texas 76140 (817) 563-2571.

McQUAY CENTRIFUGAL OPERATING LOG. .23 McQUAY SERVICE PROGRAMS 24.17, 18 18 18 18 18 18 19 19 INTRODUCTION GENERAL DESCRIPTION The McQuay Model PEH Centrifugal Water Chillers are com-plete, self-contained, automatically controlled water chilling units. Each unit is completely assembled and factory tested prior to shipment.

consistent with the McQuay rooftop line. Expanded flexibility along with the availability of the state-of-the-art, MicroTech direct digital control (DDC) system on the RDS 800C and 802C makes the RDS unit the ideal selection in rooftop air handlers. Lower installation costs The McQuay RoofPak air handling unit arrives on the job siteFind Us. McQuay Air-conditioning Limited (+852) 2893 6261; Unit 901~905, 9/F,Elite Centre, 22 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon,Hong KongFind the model number, serial number and other important information about a Goodman furnace on its data tag, usually on or inside the door. Open the door on the upper compartment ...These are generally specific use (built to order) and the model number has many more digits/letters. Mcquay is now Daikin. Here is a manual with the model number nomenclature starting on page 5. The actual tons is not listed until position 43. Click Here for Manual. Somewhere on the unit will be a full model number string

McQuay Type WGS water chillers are designed for indoor installations and are available with factory-mounted water-cooled condensers (Model WGS AW), or arranged for use with remote air-cooled or evaporative condensers (Model WGS AA). Each water-cooled unit is completely assembled and factory wired before evacuation, charging and testing. They

May 7, 2009 · McQuay chillers m# PEH079 S# 5YC0100700 style 0547362010 m# PEH076 S# 5ZA81012-01 style 9566323018 trane screw centravac m# RTHA130FCMONDUC3LF2LFNN00GUQ S# U90K03031 device# 3036RT130 appreciate it building engineer would like something more than a shoot from the hip nominal tonnage.

Brand info that may help determine an age or era. Select one of the drop-down lists below. that corresponds to the 1st letter. of your HVAC brand name. Then make your selection from the Brand Names list. HVAC - A. HVAC - B. HVAC - C. HVAC - D.Engineered HVAC Solutions for Alaska - Stinebaugh & CompanyUsed 22 ton McQuay chiller, model ALR022C, air cooled, R22 refrigerant, 25 hp compressor, air cooled, 460 volt, serial# 5ZC8505602, built 1994. ... 240V, 3-phase, (2) pumps, 7.5 HP 240V, 3-phase. Unit is Model EXPC50H, serial number 2285-113. Includes ...more. View Details Contact Seller Request Price. Expand. 9 Photos. 40 Ton, Trane #RTCA/RTUA ...The tonnage of an AC unit can typically be determined from the model number by looking for a number that is divisible by 12. For example, if the model number is ABC12345, and the number 36 appears in the middle of the model number (e.g., ABC36 12345), then the AC unit is likely a 3-ton unit, since 36 is divisible by 12.800 Ton McQuay Chiller, Water-Cooled. Used 800 ton McQuay package chiller, model PEH126BCBB, water-cooled, model CE126JBN72DBU, style 096871901F compressor, serial# 58L0075B, with evaporator rated 1920 USGPM, condenser rated 2400 USGPM, 1690# of r-134a refrigerant, 3/60/575 volt, Microtech 200 controls,39348 hours, serial# 58L9102600, built 1997.If the model number contains "018," it indicates a capacity of 18,000 BTUs (1.5 tons). If the model number contains "024," it represents 24,000 BTUs, which equals 2 tons. A model number with "036" denotes 36,000 BTUs, or 3 tons. "048" in the model number corresponds to 48,000 BTUs, or 4 tons.

Figure 1: Magnetic Bearing Compressor Shaft. system replaces conventional oil lubricated bearings and a direct drive motor eliminates the need for a lubricated gear box. The compressor shaft, shown in Figure 1, levitates on a magnetic cushion and is the compressor’s only major moving component.General Directions: (1) Locate the model number your researching. (2) Hover over each grouping to reveal pertinent info for each part of the model number. (Note: Tonnage, Air Flow, kW, etc. are located within the oval/round shaped buttons). Thank-You For Sharing. 4CX*** Unit Nomenclature.Additional Product Details. McQuay & Snyder. McQuay Air Cooled Water Chiller- 220 Ton. Model ALS220A, S/N 56K8146201. (2) Compressors. Refrigerant: R 22. Overall dimensions: 356 in. L x 84 in. W x 95 in. H.get special offers & news from parts town. I Want In. 800.438.8898. Parts Town has the largest in-stock inventory of genuine OEM McQuay parts with fast same day shipping until 9pm ET. Find the part you need today. Browse Model Number DX16SA0371, 16 SEER AC UNITARY 3 TON SINGLE STAGE in the Daikin North America LLC catalog including Model Number,Item Name,Description,Nominal Cooling Capacity,Sound Level,Compressor - Rated Load Amps,Compressor - Locked Rotor Amp

The date of production/manufacture or age of AAF brand HVAC equipment can be determined from the serial number located on the data plate. Note: Traditional heating and cooling systems no longer manufactured under AAF or AAF-McQuay brand names. Parent Company: AAF International and AAF-Flanders, a subsidiary company of Daikin Industries.

Manufacturer McQuay. Tonnage 500. Air or Water Water Cooled. Refrigerant R-134a. Voltage 460. Phase 3. Hz 60. Model Number WME0501SBSNA. Serial Number STNU180500038.View and Download McQuay ALP-027C instruction manual online.Page 1 Installation, Operation, IOM 1210-1 and Maintenance Manual Group: Chiller Part Number: IOM1210-1 Date: August 2014 Magnitude ® Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chillers Model WMC, C Vintage 125 to 400 Tons (440 to 1400 kW) HFC-134a Refrigerant 50/60 Hz...; Page 2: Table Of Contents ©2014 Daikin Applied. Illustrations and data cover the …McQuay offers a complete line of condensing units from 12 to 120 tons (42 to 420 kW). This manual covers Model ALP 012D through ALP 019D, 12 to 20 tons (42 to 70 kW). Information on other sizes is contained in Product Manuals PM ALP2-1, PM ACZ, PM ACR. The McQuay ALP air-cooled condensing units offer efficiency, flexibility, reliability and ...HVAC Technician: Steven S. McQuay - WSC087-BAAA Water-Cooled (Semi-Hermetic) - 460V / 480V / 3-Phase / 60Hz - 400 Ton Capacity. Ask Your Own HVAC Question. WSC087-BAABC is the model number.All McQuay low and medium pressure central station air handling units (sizes 114 through 172) have factory installed, internally mounted motors and drives .. This means that ex­ pensive jobsite coordination and field mounting of motors has been eliminated .. Motor life is increased with the McQuay air handling units15-20 Ton MCQUAY AC Unit: Model #: N/A: Serial #: FB0402030023603: Year Built: 0: Location: North Carolina: ... $3,000.00: Description. 1 used McQuay for sale, approximately 15 - 20 Ton, 2000 to 6000 CFM. model RDS708BY air conditioning unit. Overall Dimmensions 68'' wide x 52'' high. 5HP Evaporator fan motor. All loads 460 volt. Additional ...

HFC-134a operates above atmospheric pressure in the require a purge unit to remove non-condensables (air, and compromise chiller performance. Purge units, even refrigerant to the atmosphere, along with the intentional venting of refrigerant since July 1, 1992. eliminates this regular venting of refrigerant.

Manufacturer McQuay. Tonnage 50. Air or Water Air Cooled. Refrigerant R-410A. Voltage 208. Phase 3. Hz 60. Model Number AGZ050EDSEMUG00. Serial Number STNU190100221.

To determine the AC tonnage from a Carrier model number, locate the two digits following the first letter in the model sequence. These two numbers typically represent the BTU capacity in thousands, with one ton equivalent to 12,000 BTUs. Understanding the tonnage of your Carrier air conditioning unit is crucial for ensuring optimal efficiency ...cookies collecting statistics about traffic and users' behavior on our or third party websitesComplete each section bottom and top before attaching additional sections. McQuay IM 672-3... Page 6 5/16"-18 × 1" bolt. Once the bolt is in place, secure the bracket to the adjoining section with a 1/4 × 1" drill screw. Repeat the same procedure on both corners of the unit.Model CAH = Custom modular air handler CAC = Custom modular component Nominal unit size (nominal square foot of coil) 107, 124, 141, 160, 169 Daikin air handling unit series Unit cross section C = Standard unit cross section M = Custom size cross section Motor location A = Motor along side of fan housingThe optimum model can be selected from an extensive product lineup for medium- to large-scale facilities for use in a variety of applications. Versatility. Daikin delivers energy efficiency to a wide range of process cooling applications with a lineup featuring a full range of capacities for all conditions and cooling requirements. ...For Coleman or Coleman Evcon, you should look near the middle of the model number, and it will be a number divisible by 6 or 12, which represents the nominal BTU of the system in thousands. A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU, and 36 divided by 12 equals 3, so the data plate shown above indicates 3 tons.McQuay Air Conditioning plant with over 450,000 square feet of manufacturing space - located in Auburn, New York Horizontal (Ceiling) Water Source Heat Pumps – Sizes 007 …Model WME 400 to 700 tons (1400 to 2461 kW) 3/60/460 HFC-134a. ... ©2012 McQuay International. Illustrations and data cover the Daikin McQuay product at the time of publication and we reserve ... tonnage range - as low as 0.312. (See page 6 for IPLV definition and discussion). There is a potential for significant energy savings at part load ...1994 McQuay Water-Cooled Chiller- 320 Ton. Model: PEH079. S/N: 5ZE81006-00. Style: 9572513010. Liquid chiller; self-contained unit. R-134a only. Compressor hours: 9812; compressor starts: 1814. Overall dimensions for chiller: 234.5 in. L x 46 in. W x 72 in. H. This unit was the East Campus Chiller running two dorms atASHRAE 90.1 2010 efficiencies; Reliable-Scroll compressors have fewer moving parts; Two circuits on all units over 20 tons provide backup cooling; Quiet-Optional quiet condenser fan on units over 20 tons reduces radiated sound by 11dB; Optional low ambient operation range down to 0°FMcQuay offers air-cooled chillers from 10 through 425 tons (35 – 1500 kW). This manual covers two varieties of the scroll compressor, air-cooled Global Chiller Line: AGZ 030AS through AGZ 065AS, Packaged Air-Cooled Chillers AGZ 030AM through AGZ 050AM, Air-Cooled with Remote Evaporator. Nomenclature A G Z - XXX A SHippocratic, a startup creating a language model specifically for healthcare use cases, has launched out of stealth with $50 million in seed funding. AI, specifically generative AI...

DMAIC Model - The DMAIC model is commonly used in the Six Sigma process. Learn the ins and outs of the DMAIC model and how it applies to business optimization. Advertisement Proce...SALES Hunter: 713-851-7576 Jamey: 214-755-8019 . Para Español: 214-321-4200Hetecho Engineers. Tilpat, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. View Number. Chvac Machinery Solutions Private Limited - Offering Mcquay Chiller, Capacity: 100-1500 TON at Rs 500000 in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Get Water Chillers at lowest price | ID: 21748827133.Instagram:https://instagram. bay bridge traffic cam marylandpbr payoutblue horizon wholesale seafooda spec body kit acura tl Daikin RoofPak applied packaged rooftop systems, from 15 to 150 tons, are the ideal solution for your one to eight-story building projects. Available in air-cooled and evaporative-cooled models, they combine the lower installation costs and interior space savings of a roof-mounted system with the operating and maintenance efficiencies of ... star rescue gainesvilleeverett wa sales tax McQuay Horizontal Water Source Heat Pump - 1/2 to 6 Ton - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. demetrius west great god lyrics A ton of air conditioning equals 12,000 BTU so, for the model number 4AC18LT 24 P, 24 divided by 12 equals 2 tons. Another example is RHP13A48F, which is 4 tons. And this example is 2-1/2 tons. Here's a rundown of the range you will encounter: 18 = 1.5 tons, 24 = 2 tons, 30 - 2.5 tons, 36 = 3 tons, 42 = 3.5 tons, 48 = 4 tons, and 60 = 5 tons.Our Technical Support Department staff may be reached at 1-800-828-5500, Monday thru Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST. The technicians there will ask you a number of questions while researching our historical manufacturing archives in an effort to determine the model number and manufacturing data of the product.